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When confinement occurs before the expected date the maternity leave entitlement is retained for the full period. The same discipline applies in case of adopted children. Italian citizens or residents EU or non-EU in possession of permit for long-term residents, paid for each child born, adopted, or pre-adoptive foster care child.

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Circolare numero 37 del All insured employed women. The maternity allowance is paid directly by the employer who is reimbursed by the Social Security Institute. In case of multiple adoption the adoption benefit is due only for the youngest child. Any dismissal during this time is considered void.

Self employed workers have the right to a daily indemnity for the two months before the expected date of birth and the three months after that. The Social insurance system is financed by state and by employers’ and employees’ contributions. One hundred and twenty days. The woman has the right to be transferred to another function, when her health conditions demand it, having the right to return to her old function once she begins working again.

Circolare numero 30 del A female worker, job applicant or employee, may in no circumstances be required to produce pregnancy tests or examinations. The father is entitled to the same daily reduction of hours of work in case the child is raised by the father only, if the working mother does not benefit of the daily breaks, if the mother is not employed, or in case of death or grave disease of the mother. Adoptive parents are also entitled within the first year of the date the child entered to the family.

Codification of Labour Legislation Art. Cash benefits sickness, maternity and tuberculosis. During pregnancy, a woman may be excused from work or may leave her work to take 6 medical consultations and all relevant supplementary medical examinations.


Dismissal is prohibited during pregnancy, where this has been medically certified, during maternity leave and until the child is one year old. Decreto Legislativo 26 MarzoNo. In case spontaneous or therapeutic interruption of pregnancy after the day of gestation, leii well as in case of death of the child at birth or during the maternity leave, these workers have lie to resume at any time the working activities, with a notice of ten days to the employer, provided that the medical specialist National Health Service or lie delegate and the medical authority for the purpose of prevention and health protection in the work places confirm that this will not prejudice their health.

The workers need to submit the medical certificate to the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Labour in order to benefit of this extended leave. The Social insurance system is financed by state and by eli and employees’ contributions.

The employer is responsible to evaluate the risks to health and safety of working women, particularly exposure to physical, chemical and biological agents listed in Annex C of the Law and on 17170 base of the requirements spelled out in Law No. The employee has the right to days of maternity leave, being assured the payment of the salary during this period and the right to return to work after it.

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The adopted child must be less than six leo old; in case of international adoption less than 18 years old. The Republic of Kyrgyzstan” p. Work involving chemicals li and its derivatives, to the extent that these agents may be absorbed by the human body. The father can ask for paternity leave for a period of maximum the duration of the maternity leave in case of death or grave sickness, or abandonment by the mother. Historical data year indicates year of data collection In the case of custody, compensation is due for up to 3 months within 5 months from the date of ruling.

The allowance is paid directly by the employer who is reimbursed by the Social Security Institute. In the case of ldi workers: If the birth takes place before the expected date, the period of insurable employment requirement, shall be reduced accordingly.


Cash benefits are disciplined by Presidential Decree No.

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Five months Extension Maternity leave may be extended on medical grounds arising out of pregnancy, in this case the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Labour will have to issue the extension upon submission of a medical certificate.

During pregnancy workers cannot perform work in an area exposed to more than one “millisievert” of ionizing radiation Legislative Decree No. A maximum period of six months for both parents combined. Nursing mothers are entitled to breastfeeding breaks, divided into two minutes breaks until the child is 6 months of age or after this age limit if justified on medical grounds.

Ministero della Salute Servizio Sanitario Nazionale http: Circolare numero 28 del Recalculation of different cash benefits including maternity. Please visit the web-site of the INPS in our sources in order to have access to further details. Contract workers provided they have actually begun the work; Female employees from state enterprises, public institutions and local governments privatized for the periods from January 1, – circ.

The benefit is payable for 2 weeks in the case of miscarriage. In addition, the female employee must provide the Social Security competent body INSS with a new birth certificate stating the name of the adoptive parents.

Any discrimination based on the grounds of sex, marital status and pregnancy status is prohibited as far as access to employment is concerned as well as access to vocational training and professional education, and in terms of promotions, salary levels and professional classification.

During pregnancy, a woman may be excused from work or may leave her work to take at least leii medical consultations and all relevant supplementary medical examinations. Domestic workers have the right to maternity and paternity leave. Scope Regarding subordinate workers: A medical certificate regarding the sickness of the child shall be presented by the employee to the employer.