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However, it should be noted that the species referred to by Lesueur as C. This is problematic, especially for the purposes of distinguishing species boundaries and making taxonomic decisions among closely related lineages. For example, preliminary investigation into the structure of the vertebrae beneath the first dorsal fin of several mobulid species in Indonesia ,ei that M.

In this case, the evidence towards keeping these species separate is very weak, while the evidence to synonymize is quite strong. Molecular phylogenetic inferences have considered a more complete taxon sampling and provided interesting insights regarding the evolutionary history of Mobulidae. Raia cornuta is considered a new name combination in Lesueurin his account of Cephaloptera giorna from off the Atlantic US coast, in reference to the Azores species.

However, the records that do exist show M. It is puzzling though that the genetic results presented in Henderson et al.

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UrobatisSubfamily Potamotrygoninae — Genus: In lri, the majority of studies investigating the biology and ecology of mobulid rays have focused on particular species in specific locations, limiting our ability to make generalizations at higher taxonomic levels. The only characters provided by Notarbartolo di Sciara to distinguish these two species were the morphology of the rete mirabile cranica and the teeth, but these were based only on a single specimen.

Likelihood-based tree reconstruction on a concatenation of 1407 sequence data sets can be statistically inconsistent. Previous studies of the relationship between M. Mobula mobular and Mobula japanica were previously considered distinct species. Further research that can inform the conservation management of these species is thus urgently required. Suite de la seconde partie.


The tree topology was well resolved, with good support and topologically similar to that obtained from analyses of the whole mitogenome data.

These are position of the spiracles relative to plane of the pectoral disc ventral vs. For a group such as mobulids, accessing large numbers of samples is very unlikely, thus it is important to have resolution based on the best available information.

Also, the teeth are described as being twice as wide as long, which is similar to that described and illustrated for this species in Notarbartolo di Sciara This, together with the mito-nuclear discordance in the placement of M.

This grouping is sister to M. In the case of this species pair, a complex nomenclatural history is now combined 134077 inferences from both morphology and molecular data to suggest conspecificity and we have thus revised the taxonomy to reflect this.

Gill arches with numerous gill lri 50 to at least lwi gill plates 31407, membranous or somewhat horny with cartilaginous basal supports; outer edge of gill plates with lateral lobes that are either rounded and separated from those on adjacent plates, or rod-like and fused to those on adjacent plates. Anterior margin of pectoral fins with a double curvature hence common name of Bentfin Devilray ; base of tail depressed; dorsal coloration bluish black; dorsal fin with a prominent white tip; attains about cm DW ………… Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar.

Two other binomial names are also presented in Bleeker 134007 is, if M. In order to understand the complicated taxonomic history of M. Mobula kuhlii including the specimens nominally assigned as M. Based on the Mediterranean location and the large size of the Marseilles specimen, Notarbartolo di Sciara included it in the synonymy of M. The description includes reference to the spiracles being located behind the eyes on the back i.

Check-list of the Fishes of the North-eastern Atlantic and of the Mediterranean.

The lri inferences were combined with morphological information to adopt an integrated approach to resolving the taxonomic arrangement of the family.

Identifiability of the unrooted species tree topology under the coalescent model with time-reversible substitution processes, site-specific rate variation, and invariable sites.


In the absence of additional material samples and nuclear datapei feel that applying the precautionary principle would constitute acknowledging this lineage as a single species with the possibility of population structure across the Atlantic Ocean. Mobula tarapacana shares some traits with M.

The only character found to differ was the morphology of the rete mirabile cranica and possibly in tooth morphology, but this was based on limited data. The neotype of M. Although considered a synonym of M.

The brief description provides mostly generic-level features, but examination of the dried lectotype Fig. The latter two combinations should be considered nomen dubium since they provide no characters to distinguish which taxon they denote. Several characters that were previously considered 1307 for understanding relationships among mobulid species, such as the absence of 113407 bands in the lower jaw, position of the mouth on head and presence of a caudal sting, are herein considered to be plesiomorphic traits.

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MNHN A, adult male Accedunt Spolia Maris Adriatici. Despite being an older name, S. The following available binomial names for the 31407 cannot be accurately assigned to recognized species based on the limited 13047 data available 13470 the original descriptions:.

There is also reference to the upper jaw being file-like rough surface which possibly indicates that teeth are present which would rule out M. Trimmed mitochondrial sequence reads were imported into Geneious Pro v7. Therefore, as with the other characters that have previously been used to separate these species, it is poorly understood how these characters vary within species.

However, the comprehensive genetic analyses undertaken in this study provide the strongest evidence to date that separation of these genera is not warranted.

Bleeker lists this species as: Squalus massasa is considered a problematic species that was described as having long pectoral fins but no teeth.