provided by us, remain the property of Lennox and must not be used (except in operation of All FLEXY II Units are compliant with the PED directive /CE. IOM – FLEXY – -E – Page 1. CONTENTS. The present manual applies to the following ROOFTOP versions: FCA 85 – FCA – FCA – FCA – FCA. Part of the FLEXY range, the FLEXY FX is an air/air heat pump rooftop optimising applications .. model and as such LENNOX has enhanced the FLEXY™ heat.

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Modern Building services has a group on Linkedin – join us! The projects will be predominantly with Defence-related and Government establishments but w The reductions in running costs are demonstrated by Lennox in comparisons of the original Flexy range with the Flexy II range. Rooftop air conditioners spend much more time at part load than at full load, so improving refrigeration part-load efficiency is important to lnnox overall efficiency and reducing energy use of the units.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Tests prove that underfloor heating and carpe However, the energy used for mechanical cooling is but a small part of total annual energy consumption.

Climalook uses the internet explorer interface for local To avoid this Lennox recommend llennox connect the central unit operation. As Herve Dumont explains, for much of the year, free cooling by introducing controlled amounts of fresh air will enable the desired environmental conditions to be provided — without having to use mechanical cooling.

This is why the compressors cannot be started, even if requested to do so by regulation, unless the time since they were last put into operation is greater than six minutes. To rectify this, it may be necessary to modify the pulley and belt setting. Control ; Hot Settings: People already working in the building engineering fflexy sector could play a major role in tackling a growing skills crisis, says Peter Rimmer of the Building Engineering Services Association.

Life-cycle cost was highlighted by customers as one of the top priorities and is listed by Lennox ahead of first cost.

On ; Ventilation Condition ; Day Settings: With the development of a new range of rooftop air conditioning units, Lennox has attempted to redefine standards for energy efficiency. Key [M] allows you to move successively and in a loop from one mode to the next. Email article Print article. It requires the addition of a KP05 card, if this is not already in place, and a KP12 card.



Two types of problems may occur: Within the scope of their application, they could be regarded as combining the function of chiller and air-handling unit in a single package — but for a much lower capital cost and installation time, and with single-source responsibility.

It is fitted with a AT fan which curve is shown on page xxx and a 2. Ken Sharpe looks at the growing pressure on HFC refrigerants and how one manufacturer has developed a concept that addresses the issues for large systems.

Herve Dumont explains that this configuration significantly enhances part-load efficiency. When you go to our digital edition, you can also access the archive of digital editions.

Current Results Past Results.

Lennox advances the art of rooftop air conditioners – Modern Building Services

To this effect, the motors are fitted with variable pulleys. Honeywell recently released a new range of pressure-independent control valves PICV suitable for a wide range of hydronic applications in the building services industry. Go to the machine component status. The low power requirements of LEDs means that power and control can be delivered using the same cabling opens up huge new possibilities for lighting — as John Niebel of amBX explains.

At part load, with one compressor running, a COP of 3.

Lennox FCA 60 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Achieving efficient and safe recirculating ho Low weight was another customer concern, largely because it is common practice in much of Europe to drop units into position by helicopter. Note the hinged access coil, a patented feature to reduce unit size and improve access. The wired answer for power and data cabling Creating the perfect hot yoga environment Tests prove that underfloor heating and carpe Consistently rated amongst the world’s best universities, Imperial College London is a science-based institution with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

Using table 1 determine the pressure available P and the corresponding dynamic motor pulley actual diameter. Homes England pushes ,ennox modular methods Tests prove that underfloor heating and carpe Fpexy function of these keys may vary from one screen to The link between the controllers and the display is serial and another and is defined on the active screen by an icon.


Using The Kp07 Remote Graphical Display – Recording of successive status of pre-defined variables to create analog and event histories. While standard Flexy II units use belt-driven centrifugal fans, Lennox also offers units with high-efficiency plug fans with variable-speed control to enable air volume to be matched to requirements. A Guide to the 18th Edition of the Wiring Reg They are particularly suited to single-storey buildings with ducted air distribution where precise control of the internal environment is not vital.

FLEXY II rooftop unit for commercial, retail and leisure

Room relative humidity sensor missing or faulty Outside air temperature sensor faulty Outside relative humidity sensor faulty Supply Air temperature sensor faulty Temperature sensor on cold water loop faulty Temperature sensor on condenser water outlet faulty.

Instruction Description Day of the week of start of setting. The unit has not stopped but the airflow is likely to be reduced due to increased pressure drop acros the filters. For a small increase in the overall cost of a roof-top air conditioner, the annual fan energy consumption is more than halved — and fan energy consumption then falls well below compressor energy consumption.

Units have two, three or four compressors, each with their own interlaced circuit in a single coil. Take a deep breath Underfloor heating meets new Building Regulat This site contains archived content from the journal, plus web-specific content.

Maintenance Plan – It is recommended to keep a minimum stock of common replacement parts in order to be able to carry out regular maintenance operations i.

Designed for low weight and energy-efficient operation, the Lennox Flexy II range of rooftop air conditioners makes extensive use of aluminium in its construction. lennpx

Imperial has one of the largest and most diverse university estate portfolios in Wash and dry carefully. Page of Go. Before adjusting the tension, make sure that the pulleys are correctly aligned.

The aim of air supplying regulation by the air damper is to even out the temperature of supplied air to a value close to The main aim of supplying air regulation is to maintain the the average of the neutral zone.