LF JFET Input Operational Amplifiers. These are the first monolithic JFET input operational amplifiers to incorporate well matched, high voltage JFETs on the. LF datasheet, LF circuit, LF data sheet: STMICROELECTRONICS – WIDE BANDWIDTH SINGLE J-FET OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS,alldatasheet. LF datasheet, LF circuit, LF data sheet: TI – LF/LF/LF/ LF/LF/LF/LF JFET Input Operational Amplifiers,alldatasheet.

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Air is an excellent insulator. Supply Current Figure datashfet. Input Bias Current Figure 4. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Precautions should be taken to ensure that the power datasheeet for the integrated circuit never becomes reversed in polarity or that the unit is not inadvertently installed backwards in a socket as an unlimited current surge through the resulting forward diode within the IC could cause fusing of the internal conductors and result in a destroyed unit.

Voltage Swing Figure 5.

LF JFET Input Operational Amplifiers

In normal operation the junction temperature rises above the ambient temperature as a result of internal power dissipation, Pd. If a line is indented then it is a continuation of the previous line and the two combined represent the entire Device Marking for that device.

Gain Bandwidth Figure The drain currents for the amplifiers are therefore essentially independent of supply voltage. Positive Current Limit Figure 9. Air Wiring Another potential source of leakage that might be overlooked is the device package.

Lab 9 in this note. TI’s terms “Lead-Free” or “Pb-Free” mean semiconductor products that are compatible with the current RoHS requirements for all 6 substances, including the requirement that lead not exceed 0. Customers should validate and test their design implementation to confirm system functionality.


The leads should be shorted together or the device placed in conductive foam during storage or handling to prevent electrostatic damage to the MOS gates. Where designed to be soldered at high temperatures, TI Pb-Free products are suitable for use in specified lead-free processes.

If a guard ring is used and held close to the potential of the amplifier inputs, it will significantly reduce this leakage current. Typical Connections Of Guard Rings The designer should be aware that when it is inappropriate lc357 lay out a PCB for the sake of just a few circuits, there is another technique which is even better than a guard ring on a PCB: However, neither of the input voltages should be allowed to exceed the negative supply as this will cause large currents to flow which can result in a destroyed unit.

Buyer represents and agrees that dataaheet has all the necessary expertise to create and implement safeguards which anticipate dangerous consequences of failures, monitor failures and their consequences, lessen the likelihood of failures that might cause harm and take appropriate remedial actions.

Unless otherwise specified the absolute maximum negative input voltage is equal to the negative power supply voltage. In this case you may have to forego some of the advantages of PCB construction, but the advantages are sometimes well worth the effort of using point-to-point up-in-the-air wiring. This component has a RoHS exemption for either 1 lead-based flip-chip solder bumps used between the die and package, or 2 lead-based die adhesive used between the die and leadframe.

First, the user must not ignore the surface leakage of the PCB, even though it may sometimes appear acceptably low, because under conditions of high humidity lt357 dust or contamination, the surface leakage will be appreciable. Power Supply Rejection Ratio Figure This is to assure that salts and skin oils do not cause leakage paths on the surface of the package. These JFETs have large reverse breakdown voltages from gate to source and drain eliminating the need for clamps across the inputs.


Buyer will fully indemnify TI and its representatives kf357 any damages arising out of the use of any TI components in safety-critical applications.

Device has been announced but is not in production. Operating the part near the maximum power dissipation may cause the part to operate outside specified limits.

datassheet This information is the most current data available for the designated devices. Created to foster collaboration among engineers. In some cases, TI components may be promoted specifically to facilitate safety-related applications. Use of such information may require a license from a third party under the patents or other intellectual property of the third party, or a license from TI under the patents or other intellectual property of TI.

LF357 Datasheet PDF – National Semiconductor

Testing and other quality control techniques are used to the extent TI deems necessary to support this warranty. Normalized Slew Rate Figure In fact, the common-mode voltage can exceed the positive supply by approximately mV independent of supply voltage and over the full operating temperature range. Buyers are responsible for their products and applications using TI components. Finish options are separated by a vertical ruled line.

Information of third parties may be subject to additional restrictions.