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Jason I’ve heard good things about Saramago. It is all so smoothly intermitenciaa that we can only stand back and admire the perfect blend of what is said with the way it is said.

It’s death, who is surprised at the audacity of a mediocre unremarkable intermktencias musician who refuses to die. Lo stratagemma narrativo offre a Saramago l’occasione di dileggiare non solo le istituzioni statali ed ecclesiastiche, ma gli atteggiamenti, le reazioni tipiche dell’uomo che tende a sfruttare a proprio vantaggi “Io non sono la Morte, sono semplicemente morte”- SCIOPERO!!!! The incapacitated are brought over the borders of the country, where they instantly die, as death has josr ceased working elsewhere.

Despite it’s focus of death and all, it isn’t quite as heavy jlse most of his novels and will make you laugh at the dark abyss of death as most of this novel is actually darkly hum Out of the half dozen Saramago novels I have read, this is actually my favorite. Who, after all, at some point in life, hasn’t asked why do we have to die?

It is NOT difficult to read, give it a few pages and I promise you will grasp it. Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in Saramago begins Death at Intervals with very broad strokes.


What is there to fear then? However, I must say, death yes, without capital d is a fantastic character. Many of his sentences are written in a style almost akin to stream of consciousness.

Jose Saramago

Feb 03, Nahed. Retrieved 30 January Upon visiting him, she plans to personally give him saramayo letter; instead, she falls in love with him, and, by doing so, she becomes even more human-like. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are many important themes addressed in this book. The common citizens, however, generally enjoy their newfound immortality. View all 5 comments. Please try again later.


juerte Anyone with an imagination. This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat Death discovers that, without reason, this man has mistakenly not been killed.

Funeral workers, on the other hand, fear the opposite problem: Jpse 30, View all 7 comments. He goes on to explain how this also practically ruins the economy and brings about the maphia who choose this with a ‘ph’ to separate themselves from the regular mafia who create more undying corpses if you don’t bow to their wishes. Then about two-thirds into the book, death suddenly imtermitencias another entity, from a formerly conceptual standpoint we are gradually introduced to death personified.

One must admit mose the prospects are not just gloomy, they’re terrible, catastrophic, more dangerous by far than anything even the wildest imagination could dream up. Mysteriously, at the stroke of midnight of January 1, no one in the country can die any more. Every time death sends him his letter, it returns. Also, Saramago has a very distinct voice that I can’t get enough of. Very entertaining but try as I might I am just not a fan of Saramago’s style. Well, you always have to intetmitencias careful what you wish for.


Ma quali sono le conseguenze della scomparsa della morte?

Las intermitencias de la muerte

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Dream come true, right? The History of the Siege of Lisbon By: As a rather imaginative story dealing with a very familiar yet unwelcome theme, it manages to paint death in a fair and, ironically, impersonal light without being emotional or needlessly sentimental. And why can’t I stop myself from sighing and quietly saying, “Aww There are so many surprising turns, so many dark corners of human experience that are uncovered in this free exploration, that are not acknowledged by any other writer.

And so I stand by my 5-star rating from a year agoand begin a desperate hunt for more Saramago books. All the Names Musrte I won’t go into the plot and spoil what happens in case you have not yet read this, but I never thought I’d read a book about Death as a main character and describe it as ‘cute’ and like it for that.

It may have been due in part that I devoured most of it while seated upon the sun soaked banks of a river this past July, but this sarxmago little work really struck me. View all 25 comments.