children benefit by being retained. (Should have no 5’s circled on the recording form.) 9 – Good retention candidate. When a child within this range is retained . This new edition of the Light’s Retention Scale includes over quality research studies on school grade retention. An analysis of these studies produced Light’s Retention Scale is a research-based tool to aid school administrators in making the decision about whether to promote or retain a student.

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This useful scale is an economical way to arrive at a sound decision regarding grade retention—a decision that takes into account the particular situation and the needs of the individual student.

These causes hide deep in the subconscious minds of children. It is especially important for the youngster to feel good about this decision. The root causes behind lack of success in school are not easily discovered.

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People often say, “Let’s retain this child. Intervention Resources There are no related products. Register Create account to purchase products, view sample materials, request quotes, and more.


Register For New Account. Have comprehensive information for counseling students and parents. There is no media. The fallout from this decision will have a lasting impact on the child.

It can be completed quickly, is simple to interpret, and offers all the information needed for those involved in making a critical decision to feel confident that they have done the right thing for their student. The decision to retain a student is a decision that must not be made lightly. Related Products There are no related products. It is important that child, parent, and teacher each feels good about the retention. Until the root causes of a child’s academic problem are found, retention will not only be wasted, but permanently damaging.

I hear this question over and over each spring. The research in this area indicates that the highest number of retentions turn out to leave scars that do not heal easily. It usually includes changes in family patterns at home, strong cooperation between school and home, some individual counseling for the child, as well as different teaching and relationship strategies at school.

I want him to do well in school, but this has to be a terrible blow to his self-confidence, and it’s hard enough to keep him thinking positively regention school. Show parents that the decision is based on best practices and research.

It is important to remember that uncompleted written assignments are not proof that a child is not learning.


Sylvia Rimm’s book, Underachievement Syndrome: For More Information, Contact: What do I do? Have the root causes of the problem been discovered?

Would you like to purchase the product anyway? Video Title Goes Here. If we buy into this way of pights, it means we believe the child has all the abilities and skills needed to be successful, has no self-concept problems, is not dealing with any emotional issues, and just wants to be unsuccessful in school and in life.

(LRS-5) Light’s Retention Scale, Fifth Edition | WPS

For some students, retention is both necessary and beneficial. Retention is rarely a solution for under-achievement problems. Remember me on this computer. Concentration and Focus is a new category liyhts to the scale.

Online Catalog Store – (LRS) Light’s Retention Scale 5th Ed Kit

Does the Light’s Retention Scale indicate the child is a good candidate for retention? Please login to verify purchasing qualifications. Educational Assessment Service, Inc.