1. The Lilliebridge Training Method! “Want to be strong like a Lilliebridge? Then train like a Lilliebridge! The Lilliebridge training method”. _Strong body and Mind_. Posts: 1,; Rep Power: shadowroth will become famous soon enough. (+50). lilliebridge training method. As far as I understand, the Lilliebridge “method” is basically linear periodization, and as such, does not really rule out using RTS-style.

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Heavy Bench is highlighted in yellow and light Bench is highlighted lillliebridge red. Do it for max dead stop reps. If you lilliebridye not training for a meet, you can do touch and go if you want. Additionally, the added mass probably helps more than the added technical efficiency. Absolutely zero elbow pain. With the Lilliebridge method, you only go heavy on the squat and deadlift once every two weeks.

You can pick up a copy of the book here. We need your help to maintenance this website. However, you really cannot escape from the impressive facts when it comes to the Lilliebridge family.

Starting Strength Powerlifting Metthod V: Yes, drugs are the elephant in the room. In my opinion, natural lifters are far better served focusing on higher frequencies and higher intensities. The reasons for this are unclear, but the pattern is definitely evident to anyone who wishes to see it. The weights you use are determined by your last meet max.

Lift Like a Lilliebridge? Lilliebridge Method Review

Five finger death punch. Hit a big PR! I can only speculate that this is due to the neural advantages provided by the drugs in combination with the fact that these guys often carry around so much muscle that the systemic damage they do in each heavy workout is far greater than a natural is capable of.


If you are using the Lilliebridge Method to peak for a meet, week 10 will be the week of your meet. One heavy and one light and alternated each week until the very end.

Use a 3 board or 2 board or both and hit at least liilliebridge to 4 sets of either doubles or singles. The method has produced multiple world record holders both inside and outside the family. The program features an absolute boat load of bodybuilding style assistance. The biggest concern with this type of programming is the risk of detraining in the natural athlete. They work for a reason.

Lift Like a Lilliebridge? Lilliebridge Method Review | PowerliftingToWin

Wednesday night we will bench after benching we will do our accessory work. Mike gave you good answer, but he is too nice. He should have listened! The percentages are increased each week as you get closer to the meet, but you just work up to a single top set for max reps.

Why not autoregulate volume?

An in-depth look at The Lilliebridge Method –

There is variation in intensity and volume from week to week which, as we all should know by now, is most appropriate for an intermediate trainee. Size px x x x x Any program can incorporate the principles of autoregulation. I’d imagine RPE’s could be used with pretty much any template. This is actually concurrent periodization.

Because I use them every week lol. I listen to a lot of podcasts with lifters speaking about their programs and how it moved their raw total from estimates whatever in Brandon Lily’s Cube example and quite frankly I’m not that interested. Mike Zourdos, who is also lifetime drug free, who runs the strength lab at Florida Lilllebridge University, and who will be featured in Classroom talking about his programming methods, currently squats to a 1RM every single day.


Results 1 to 10 of Also, at all times, make sure you have good spotters! Ernie SR has been unanimously named the best raw strength coach there is by many top sources such as Mark Bell from ST Gym, Ernie Frantz the god lilliebtidge of powerlifting and many more.

I do not personally agree with or endorse the old school American approach of loading up on the bodybuilding style fluff work. Get your copy now! Hit at least 3 to 4 sets on your heavy days do singles or doubles.

There is also the graduation of volume that plays an impact. He is extremely well known for his coaching abilities as well as his lifting.

Alternating heavy and lights days from week to week allow Eric proper recovery. For the enhanced lifter, the situation appears to be far different. There are also several different templates provided so the frequency can be manipulated a little bit.

We usually train 3 days out of the week. Thanks Im trying to get as much information about the Lilliebridge method as I can, its interesting that theres powerlifters that swear its worked, I ve not heard any negatives about it. Powerlifting was about getting bigger and stronger and helped a lot for sports.

You can use this program however you want.

You can get amazingly far with just specificity and overload. Once per week, and once every other week, templates simply do not seem to work as well for natural lifting populations.