Here is a list of all documented class members with links to the class documentation for each member: a -. ABS_TIME_DATE_FORMAT. Detailed Description. This is the central class in the log4cxx package. Most logging operations, except configuration, are done through this class. Logging Services. log4cxx project. About · Team · Documentation log4cxx Documentation. Version Short introduction to log4cxx · Logging macros.

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Thus, the log output will include the relative time since the start of the application in milliseconds, followed by the level of the log request, followed by the two rightmost components of the logger name, followed by the callers method name, followed by the line number, the nested disgnostic context and finally the message itself.

By default no location information is sent to the server. Set the additivity flag for this Logger instance. You should not create categories directly. Returns the string resource coresponding to key in this category’s inherited resource bundle.

Experience indicates that logging was an important component of the development cycle. However, if an ancestor of logger Csay Phas the additivity flag set to falsethen C ‘s output will be directed to all the appenders in C and it’s ancestors upto and including P but not the appenders in any of the ancestors of P.

DOMConfigurator Class Reference

LoggingEvent – g – get: This will mark the appender as closed and call then cleanUp method. Subclasses of AppenderSkeleton should implement this method to perform actual logging.


Print the date in ISO format log4j.

Appender configuration Appender configuration syntax is: Remove all previously added appenders from this logger instance. Drop the connection to the remote host and release the underlying connector thread if it has been created. Add newAppender to the list of appenders of this Logger instance.

log4cxx – Documentation

Documdntation – w – wait: Only appenders of “security” because the additivity flag in “security” is set to false. This is the most generic printing method. All loggers have at least one ancestor which is the root logger. The existing configuration is not cleared nor reset. Get the appenders contained in this logger as an AppenderList. If this logger is ERROR enabled, it proceeds to call all the registered appenders in this logger and also higher in the hierarchy depending on the value of the additivity flag.

Loggers have doucmentation additivity flag set to true by default. RollingFileAppender – n – name: SocketImpl – b – bind: LoggingEvent – m – Map: Subclasses of AppenderSkeleton should implement this method to perform actual logging.

Set the level of this Logger. Call the appenders in the hierrachy starting at this. SocketImplDatagramSocket connection: If assertion parameter is falsethen logs msg as loy4cxx error statement. In case there is no bundle in the hierarchy then NULL is returned. There is no default appender attached to root. Set the resource bundle to be used with localized logging method l7dlog.


LoggingEventLogger getLocalAddress: If no appenders could be found, emit a warning. Other configuration file examples are given in the examples folder. This integer value determines the maximum size of the bounded buffer. As a result, the event that will be ultimately logged will likely to contain the wrong location information if present in the log format.

Close this AsyncAppender by interrupting the dispatcher thread which will process all pending events before exiting.

LogLog – r – read: Log4cxx is an open source project based on the work of several authors. Read configuration options from properties. Return the appender with that name if in the list. This method calls all the appenders inherited from the hierarchy circumventing any evaluation of whether to log or not to log the particular log request.

SocketAppender Class Reference

The parent of this logger. Return the the LoggerRepository where this Logger is attached.

Refer to the documentation of PatternLayout for further information on the syntax of the ConversionPattern key. Get all previously added appenders as an AppenderList.

The resourceBundle for localized messages. Loggers are named entities. The root logger will return 0. Bar – Did it again! This method walks the hierarchy to find the loh4cxx resource bundle.