God didn t intend for us to carry around the luggage of betrayal pain and woundedness. The freedom we long for es through forgiveness not revenge. Maybe. Find Nooma DVD Pack #2 Luggage / Dust / Bullhorn / Lump / Rhythm / Matthew, Volumes at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on. Nooma is a revolutionary product that is changing the way people experience spirituality – a series of short films on DVD with a 32 page discussion guide. It’s not.

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Because when I forgive somebody, and I set them free, it’s like I’m really setting myself free. I mean, what does it look like for you to just let it go? I haven’t forgiven them. Lugtage be driving down the road, and somebody would, like, cut him off or do something in traffic that got him mad, so he’d pull ahead of them, and then he’d pull in front of them, and he’d take the golf balls out luggags the glove compartment, and he’d, like, toss them out of his sunroof hoping that they would, like, dent the car that had cut him off.

Like, I don’t know what you’re carrying around.

Because forgiving isn’t always forgetting, like in the healthiest of relationships, somebody wrongs the other person, and then they let it go, and they move on, and it’s no big deal. If I’m still carrying all that stuff around, it’s a miserable way to live.

I ran into this guy that I know the other day, whose wife has left him for another man. I can control the situation. And so with some noima, we might need to set up boundaries with them. They’re big, and serious, and deep wounds.

LUGGAGE – Rob Bell – NOOMA with English subtitles (closed captions) and transcript

I don’t know how painful it is, or how heavy it is, or how long you’ve been carrying it around, but my question, or I think our question, is always: Maybe the real point of forgiveness isn’t other people. It’s because revenge doesn’t work, does it?


He says he used to have, like, golf balls in the glove compartment of his car. So may you forgive as you’ve been forgiven.

But sometimes forgiving is remembering, and some people are gonna keep returning to their vomit, and we don’t have to be there when they do. But we need to forgive, and we need to start today. English French German Lyggage Spanish. So even when it comes to doing the right thing, like in this case, forgiveness, there is this paranoia that if they step out of line nomoa all, God’s, like, waiting there to squash them.

Let God take care of it. There is no judgment. I mean, we talk like this all the time.

There is no list of wrongs. I mean, have you ever really evened the score?

May you set someone free and find out that it was you. Jesus gives us these ljggage of a God who is, like, full of love and grace and mercy and forgiveness, who, like, keeps pursuing us and who keeps insisting that His way is the best possible way to live. Have you ever heard luggae say that, like, because of something that was done to them, they’ve been, like, “You know what?

Luygage like we carry them with us everywhere we go. I mean, have you really ever gotten revenge and then felt good about yourself?

It’s like God was right there. But with Jesus, there is no condemnation.

Download Subtitles and Closed Captions (CC) from YouTube

Or maybe, like, just a business partner who took the money and ran, luggagw a relative who abused you or a friend who, like, turned on you, and it’s like you try not think about it, but noomw if you’re like me, then you end up thinking about it more than ever, and it’s like you want to put this stuff behind us. There is this proverb in the Bible that says: It’s like you can’t shake it and can’t leave it behind, so then eventually what happens is revenge becomes our only hope, and we aren’t free.


I mean, maybe you have to do something. We’ll say things, like, you know: Revenge is like part of our world, isn’t it? So when I forgive somebody, I am giving them what God has given to me. And after a while, these bags nkoma heavy, don’t they? But what about those people, like the kind that are gonna hurt us again and again, and we may forgive them, but they’ll just keep liggage us. I have to hope that good comes their way, ’cause if I’m still unable to wish them well and wish them good, then I’m really just waiting for them to get punished, and I really We need to do it today.

It’s something you do. Maybe it’s a phone call or an e-mail, or some sort of face-to-face conversation, or maybe there is just that moment, like, where deep in, like, the very fiber of your being, you just say, “I’m not gonna carry that around for one nooms day.

This person wronged me, and I can’t turn it over to You, because I don’t know what You’re gonna do here. So, like any runny nose or any freak accident, anything bad that happens, people assume it’s God punishing them ’cause they weren’t doing the noo,a thing at that time or that everything is some sort of judgment or punishment. But maybe it was somebody liggage you really loved, or that you still love, and they left you.